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Why Coaching? 

Many people come to coaching because, although they are already successful in most areas of their lives, there is an area they want more out of their lives and themselves.


Personal fulfillment and success comes from living the life you were meant to live. I believe you have the capacity within yourself to solve any problem and build the life you want, however, you may need help learning how to access this inner wisdom.  Sometimes a little nudge is all that is needed.

When you work with a coach, the coach becomes your partner. You will have the guidance you need to understand what roadblocks and behaviors are holding you back.  With your coach, you will develop a strategy to obtain the success you desire. 


What Are the Benefits of Coaching?


Coaching helps you identify your values and virtues so you may live in alignment with what really matters to you. Through intention, purpose and right action you will learn to harness your personal power.  You will learn to let go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs.  

As you move beyond your stories and core beliefs a window of possibilities opens up for you to explore your natural talents, unique gifts and your authentic self.


What does Coaching require?  


People will derive the best results from coaching when they are ready to let go of unwanted conditioned responses in thought, emotion and behavior. They are ready to commit to their vision, and would thrive from encouragement, motivation, accountability, new perspective, and support provided by their coach.


Coaching is not therapy. Coaching is about achieving results now.  You will require honesty, persistence and the courage to step out of your comfort zone and try new things.


You will have a safe, non-judgmental, partnership that will allow you to develop awareness through creative processes that will advance you towards your vision.


Some coaches have a program you sign up and commit for a certain period of time. They have forms for you to fill out and all sort of tests.  I do not have that because I believe everyone is an individual, evolving, and you deserve to be listen to and to begin right were you are and who you are at the time of our conversation. We will identify obstacles, discuss progress, and keep you moving towards the life you crave. We can continue our partnership for as long as you feel you need to. 


Your Coaching Investment 


The session can be done over the phone or if you are local and prefer one-on-one, it can be arranged. Each session is prepaid by check, or credit cards through Paypal. Your investment for 30 minutes is $30.00, for 60 minutes $60.00.  Please note that If you do not show up for your session, the payment is non-refundable, and will be donated to on your behalf.

Are you ready for a deeper level of fulfillment?

Are you ready for a shift in your life?  

Are you ready to take it to the next level? 

If so, contact me and we'll set up a time to speak.

Perfection leaves so little room for improvement. So little space  for acceptance -- or joy.  ...Start thinking of yourself as an artist  and your life as a work-in-progress. Works-in-progress are never perfect. But changes can be made...Art evolves. So does life. Art is never stagnant.  Neither is life. The beautiful, authentic life you are creating for yourself is your art. It's the highest art.” -- Sarah Ban Breathnach

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